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Hello my name is Simon, and I like to make drawings...

...okay, my name isn't Simon, but I do make drawings. Here's one now! AND a new page of D.U.E.

And here's a New Let's Play.



New Skull-Boy Page on Snafu-Comics, Let's Play and Gay Marriage


I Have to Get Ready...


What was the animation studio that made Secret of Kells? Hang on, let me look this up...

Galleries and All Links FINISHED

New Colored Gallery and New Sketches Gallery

At long last, the website is DONE! It could use some more content, but it will do for now.

As I've said before, The New Adventures of Skull Boy and Deliver Us Evil will remain Snafu-Comics exclusive, but I'll keep updating Boob Tube and try to make more original content for this website.

Links to all Snafu-Comics exclusive stuff are in the Comics section and I'll post links to them on this updates page when new pages are added.
Links to Skullmill exclusive stuff like Boob Tube will also be in the Comics section.

Think of this website as a combination of a Deviantart Alternative, and a Blog...
Like a one-stop place for links to current work, wherever they are.

Now each picture or comics page will have a link to its corrisponding
Deviantart page where you can leave me a comment!

I'll also make a dedicated links section, once I get to link swapping and a
dedicated videos library eventually. For now, it's just a link to my Youtube page.
New Skull-Boy Comic Pages
New page of "Boob Tube" only on Skullmill!
Wow, it's been exactally one year since I touched this website. Time to pump some life into it!
A new Gallery is up, so check that out. There's still a lot of work to be done, but I'm on it. Right now I'm on my way to The Grand Brony Gala, and I'll be back to work on bringing this site to its full potential once I'm back on Monday.

New things are coming my friends, I'm turning a big corner and will be updating this website regularly soon enough, as well as Snafu-Comics. For now, here's a new page of Boob Tube. It's kinda a filler page, yeah, but it's something. The next page of Snafu-Comics's "New Adventures of Skull-Boy" will be coming soon, and some extra exciting news, "Deliver Us Evil" is also coming back!
It's gonna take a lot of work, but I'm gonna do it. Thanks for everyone's patience, this has been a rough year but I'm able to work again and really put my back into it. Anyhow, check out this SWEET drawing of Kerry Bleedman drew for me! I colored it myself. Consider it a teaser for what's to come in "Deliver us Evil".

A complete Gallery and Comics Library COMING SOON!

(New Adventures of Skull-Boy and Deliver Us Evil are Snafu-Comics exclusive though)

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